Why I Went Natural

I’ve gotten asked many times why I went natural so here’s my story. In 2010, I started my freshman year of college and toward the end of first semester, I asked a friend at the time to take out my weave, which she did. Unfortunately for me, I forgot/didn’t comb out my hair. Dumb mistake I know!

As my friend washed my hair, I could tell her fingers were getting caught in my hair. I touched my hair, and I had a fist full of hair tangled at the crown of my head. I tried to stay calm, but after struggling to detangle my hair, I found myself crying on the floor. Super dramatic,  but I was stressed. Eventually, I was able to get the ball out of my head. After all that work, my hair didn’t look too bad. More so, a layered hairstyle, which I’m personally not a fan of.

My hair didn’t grow out to its original blunt cut style until the end of my junior year. During that period of time, I always had my hair in braids and/or weaves making sure I combed my hair out thoroughly before getting it washed.

Between 2014 and 2016, I was transitioning from my heat damage after constantly wearing weaves with leave out. By November 2017, I cut off all my heat damage, and it felt great. But, I struggled embracing my natural hair because as everyone knows “shrinkage is real”!

After going a complete year without putting any heat on my hair, it has grown into a beautiful curly fro, and with the right products, I finally know how to make my curls pop with minimal frizz!

I would post pictures but unfortunately they’re all on my old phone! Sorry!

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