Protective Styles, Sew-Ins, or Wigs: Which Do You Prefer?

Once upon a time, you would not have seen me out and about without a sew-in. Most importantly, it didn’t look like a weave because I paid a lot of money to buy bundles that matched closely to my hair texture when it was straightened and fake curly with my heat damaged hair. I stopped wearing extensions because my scalp was eventually fed up, and my hair was thinning at the ends. One fact about me is that I love my ends to be full. No see through hair trying to hold on to length over here sis. I am that friend who will tell you it’s time for a change and let you know your hair is raggedy, in the most polite way as possible of course.

Now that I’m natural, I prefer protective styles specifically Box Braids and Marley Twists because I’m able to wash my hair and scalp a lot easier than I could wearing a weave. Also, my choice of protective styles allows me to have longer hair without having to get extensions. I do my own protective styles because I’m very particular on how I want my hair to look, and I want my edges to still be there when it’s time to take out the braids/twists.

Wigs are a completely different niche within the hair industry that I haven’t caught on to. I think wigs look great on some people who get their wigs customized. I love seeing the different wig colors and styles that women, and men, wear without having to overly process their own hair. BUT! The one thing I cannot stand is the extra laid baby hair that is not laid and slayed properly. Plus, I think having exaggerated baby hair screams “I have a wig on, but I’m gonna say ‘what frontal’ anyway knowing good and well everyone and they momma in the nose bleed sections of Madison Square Garden can tell it’s wig”. Tragic! Just saying. Don’t get me wrong some of my favorite bloggers wear wigs, and they look exceptional, i.e. Jackie Aina, Claire Summers, Alyssa Forever, Arnell Armon, MakeupShayla, etc. I just think if you are going to wear a wig, (synthetic, human, virgin, whatever type of hair) at least take care of it. Meaning, if your frontal is old and has gaps of hair missing, get a new one or find a way to fix it. When there’s a will; there’s a way! If the hair on your wig is so stiff to the point where you turn your head and the hair on the wig is literally pointing in the opposite direction, it is time to let that bad boy go sis! No shade. Promise.

Anyways, I want to hear your opinions as well, so make sure to leave comments below letting me know what style do you prefer and why.

XoXo | LaShea

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