About Me

Hey Queens! So you all want to know more about me right? Or you wouldn’t be here. My name is LaShea, and I was born in NYC but raised in the dirty south of ATL also know as “Black Hollywood”. Currently living in Charlotte. Yes, I know it’s a big difference but I moved for work. I’m a Flight Attendant. No, you can’t have a buddy pass, but I’m here to help you navigate through destinations you may or may not want to experience.

I have an obsession with food and wine, have a love/hate relationship with online shopping, skin care fanatic, naturalista embracing her natural hair day by day, and love to travel when I’m not busy working!

If you love the same things as myself, you’re in the right place. I started The Curly Jetsetter to educate women about natural hair and traveling as I am learning through my own experience. I hope you enjoy your time here and share this site with all your friends who share similar interests.

“Being able to travel to various cities and countries is a blessing because there are many people who haven’t traveled outside of their homeland (city, state, or country) for whatever reason or circumstance. I love how welcoming people are, especially in the Caribbean. Having the opportunity to mix and mingle with individuals from all walks of life and learn about their cultures humbles me as a person because living in America, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only wanting a luxurious lifestyle, but the happiest people live the simplest life.”

The Curly Jetsetter